A Research Endeavour into Complexity, the Organisation and Nature of Leadership

From your vantage point, have you noticed the themes of unpredictability, unmanageability and an unrelenting pace of change? Maybe you’ve also:

  • Noticed similar themes that appear to be present in the broader market place or industry?

  • Experienced a sense of déjà vu i.e. the same old challenges showing up with different symptoms?

  • Seen your colleagues and peers work diligently on key objectives and yet barely make a dent in terms of strategic outcomes?

Here’s a short video clip which summarises some of the ways in which the fundamentals of management and leadership are continuing to change.


The rationale for the research project is to:

  • Explore the challenges and patterns of change that leaders and organisations are facing, the different perspectives that leaders hold about possible leverage points and what they might be.

  • Elicit the capacities and capabilities that leaders feel are necessary at the individual, interpersonal and organisational levels

  • Analyse a variety of disciplines in order to assess models and distinctions which might offer a scaffolding for supporting the ongoing development and evolution of teams, leaders and their organisations.

You’re probably seeing this because you’ve been invited by me or someone in my network to consider sharing your perspectives and experiences as a change agent either inside of organisations or as a consultant. Please read further to find out how to participate and the coaching and consultation that I will offer you for your time.

Thanks to the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Presencing Institute, this research is set to shed some light on the blind-spots that adversely impact today's organisations, and new and practical insights that could support leaders like you to evolve to make the necessary impact in your respective teams and organisations.

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Your Support & My Offer                                                                                                                        

The research at this stage will be conducted through qualitative methods such as field research, anonymized interviews and a review of the relevant literature.


Prospective interviewees and organisations come from across industries and sectors, with varying types of priorities, roles and responsibilities. Participants either sponsor or facilitate strategic changes in organisations which operate in unpredictable, complex and fast-moving arenas.


As a gesture of thanks, I will offer all participants coaching around a topic of their choice, as well as a debriefing on the findings of the research and its practical application in your context.


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