Breakthrough, Break Free

Thursdays, 18:15 - 19:30 London |  13:15 - 14:30 New York


Are you feeling stuck and emotionally overwhelmed?

Are you anxious about some situation?

Do you want to reconnect with your sense of agency again?

In times of disruption peacefulness seems to evade us and it can seem impossible to remain calm and open. Disruptive change, ambiguity and uncertainty can trap us in a web of fear, and separate us from who we are when we're at our best.

Caught by these feelings, we tend to lose, not only our footing, but also our confidence and our capacity to lead and act wisely. The unpredictability of the current changes impacting our ways of living and working need not keep us stuck in stress or paralysis. We must, and can, find ways to reconnect to our more skillful and contented selves. 

How do we reconnect with our better-self?

By inhabiting radically different perspectives and ways of seeing, especially during unpredictable events that could negatively impact your life, relationships and work. Shifting the rigid core assumptions about a situation which have you feeling trapped is key to inhabiting a more open and creative stance. By participating in one of these facilitated group sessions you will shift your feelings about some significant challenge in your life right now.

Break-through and Reconnect with Your Ability to Flex and Respond 

If you are caught in overwhelm, uncertainty or fear and want to be supported in reconnecting with your agency, then you are invited to join me in one of these break-through sessions to break free from whatever is keeping you stuck.

What to Expect 

In a small group of two, you will shift negative feelings in relation to a current challenge, you will learn how to access your capacity to improvise and take action rather than be overwhelmed or driven by the limits of circumstances. In summary:

  • You will have an opportunity to share a challenge that feels overwhelming 

  • The facilitator will guide you to free overwhelming feelings related to your situation

  • You will experience collective healing by witnessing someone else breaking-through

  • A safe space where discomfort and support are both welcome and necessary for break-through

Other benefits

These sessions are designed to offer you an immediate and lasting improvement in your emotional state and offer you tools that can help you adopt an adaptive stance, one that minimises the traumatic effects of disruptive events so that you can continue being at your best every day.


I have created this service in response to the overwhelm, stress and anxiety people are experiencing in relation to the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic. To keep it freely available for anyone in need, please consider making a donation:

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