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If willpower is like the thrust of a seedling breaking through the soil, Personal Power is like the spark that activates its germination. It’s the requisite spark for new life to emerge, for ways of feeling and experiencing that are utterly fresh and life-affirming.


Personal Power works at a deeper level. Below the surface. It awakens and integrates dormant capacities and taps us into the deep reservoir of our potential.

What would change if the big opportunities started to come your way?


Would you take them?

What would you dare to create if you felt and believed that anything was possible?

How would you show-up if you had that kind of self-belief and inner-freedom?

Each Personal Power session is a guided process that works to integrate conflicting and entrenched ideas and limiting beliefs that are like the lens through which we experience our world. These might be beliefs about ourselves and our efficacy, about other people or the world in general. Each session results in a new perception and experience of life which feels more expansive, more coherent and more accommodating.

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Spark the seed that is already within you.


Leadership Presence

These are bespoke sessions and coaching conversations for individuals who sense that rather than continuing with unhelpful habitual and ineffective behaviours, they need to instead find other ways to embody and make a stand for what matters, to be more flexible and dynamic, more influential and empathic, more centered – even amidst uncertain and ambiguous situations.   

Fear of Rejection

When we’re so worried about how other’s perceive us we tend to get caught up in doing things for the sake of proving our worth or importance and for having the approval of important people. We hold back from making the choices that will really serve our goals and higher intentions. We worry about the consequences of making “mistakes” and not living up to expectations. What if you didn’t feel such worries and had no such anxiety? What if there was a felt and deep sense of self-acceptance?

Unshakeable Confidence

This kind of inner confidence is the result of feeling sufficient within oneself, of our capability, of our ability to take bold actions, to grow and to make wrong moves and still bounce back. Unshakeable Confidence offers an inner-ease that enables us to cope with the highs and lows and the complexities of the contexts within which we are living and working. It is the resilience at the core of our being and a vital asset for modern living. 

Victim to Self-Sovereign

We abdicate our power when we compare ourselves to others or believe that others are responsible for how we feel or for our situation. The sense of ‘victimhood’ can run deep inside us and is often reinforced by real experiences, and therefore we are justified for feeling like a victim. Yet, left to its own programming, the victimhood mindset keeps us locked in a loop of simmering anger or passive resignation amidst the experiences and interactions we find ourselves in. In contrast, the Self-Sovereign mindset offers a different program. It includes an inherent sense of being okay and inherent sense of resourcefulness. The Self-Sovereign mindset reveals new ground inside us upon which an authentic self can emerge alongside an internal musculature to respond to life with integrity. Response-ability is a capacity which emerges when there is congruence between our resourcefulness and our higher intentions. Self-Sovereign and response-able individuals, instead of being tempted to blame or retreat, find a steady and reliable sense of their own leadership. 

Fear of Public Speaking

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a leader in an organisation or simply someone who has something to share to a wider audience, the Resonant Speaker sessions will help you feel calm, cool and collected instead of the nerves and tension.

Imposter Syndrome

Let’s face it. Most of us at have felt like an imposter at some point, and to some degree it’s not a big problem. Naturally, we need time to settle in when we’re trying something different or learning the ropes in a new job but if we’re constantly feeling incompetent or like a fake then it blocks us from stepping up into our full capacity and really flexing our leadership. How would it be for you if you eliminated this feeling? What would it mean for your life if you could fully embody your leadership and act in alignment with what matters most, more effortlessly? 

Scarcity Mindset

Are you stuck in what feels like a zero-sum game? Do you worry about the diminishing number of pieces of the pie? Do you feel like your value depends on whether people decide to buy from or work with you or not? Are okay with asking for a raise or for money in exchange for provisioning your services? Money, not just the sun, makes the world go round and its prevalence requires that we have a healthy relationship with it if we want to leverage its power and enjoy its benefits. 

Burnout to Resilience 

Burnout to Resilience sessions focus on reducing stress and anxiety by eliminating the unhelpful ways by which we react to common stressors. While much of what causes us stress is out of our control we can choose our response to challenging interactions, experiences or events. However, because this choice is not always obvious or easy, we mostly resort to habitual but stress-inducing ways of reacting. Such habits prolong low-level stress up until it is too late, at which point we’re at risk of adrenal fatigue or worse, debilitating burnout. Early warning indicators might include feeling sluggish in the morning after a good night’s rest, brain fog, increasing intolerance to particular foods or autoimmune symptoms. Stress has also been associated with a weakening immune system and poor cognitive functioning. Burnout to Resilience offers a way for us to elevate the base-levels of our inner resilience and wellbeing. 

Fear of Failure

Fear of being wrong or failing can be overwhelming enough to block your ability to do your best work, make decisions or to even think clearly. Such a fear creates stress and anxiety which wear down our energies and capacity to be creative and resourceful. Most of us naturally want to avoid all of the distress associated with taking the steps towards what we want and yet in doing so we sell ourselves short. Inner Freedom is what naturally emerges when we overcome the subtle but persistent fears underlying many of our thought, feelings and actions. 

Self-Doubt to Inner-Peace

Regardless what we’re up to in the world, we all need a strong inner-foundation. It’s like having a depth of fertile soils; it strengthens the chances for flourishing because it offers the conditions for optimism, for full engagement with our goals and experiences, for deeper connections in our relationships as well as the endurance to follow our vision. In contrast, a barrage of self-criticism erodes our sense of self-worth; the inner-soils become arid and we become susceptible to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. What would it be like to have this kind of inner-foundation? How would it better support your aspirations, your capacity to be proactive and create the life, career and relationships you desire? 

Procrastinator to Creator

Doing work that matters often requires for us to step into our creativity, to apply ourselves wholeheartedly and to put ourselves, through our ideas and offerings, on the line. It’s not surprising that as soon as we take a step in this direction that we experience all kinds of resistance! We can all, to varying degrees, tolerate resistance but at some point we give in and we take the route of lesser resistance, notably via convenient options like taking breaks or filling the time with unimportant items. We can develop our capacity for greater self-discipline by eliminating the causes of resistance. By doing so, our actions become more aligned to and informed by our better intentions and our goals. 

The Offer

Each pathway requires a bespoke coaching program, one which takes into account your unique circumstances, challenges and aspirations.

I would be very happy to give you a real experience of the Personal Power program at no cost. If you would like to have an initial conversation first, please contact me via the link below.

Please use the contact form with reference 'PP' for further details or if you would like to schedule a no obligation call to discuss the suitability of Personal Power for your requirements.