As the demands and pressures of leadership converge with disruptive forces outside of our control, we’re faced with a choice to either become practitioners in the art and science of reinvention or face the risk of becoming irrelevant. Practitioners of reinvention will need to commit to and trust in a journey on which they learn to dance with disruption, orchestrate the future and innovate on their feet.


'We serve leaders who see ‘reinvention’ as part of the path in their evolution.

And to those who commit to engaging with us, we promise ‘reinvention’ so that they might become

the leaders they need to be'


We think it is necessary for teams and leaders to expand their capacities in order to cope with high degrees of complexity, and to perform within the inherent uncertainty and interconnectedness of shifting and ambiguous contexts. Our approach is embodied, developmental and evolutionary; it enables leaders to view the wider landscape from a higher vantage point which, in turn, enables them to lead with greater clarity, resilience and agility.


Mainstream approaches to leadership development tend to miss out a vital piece which, at best, are significantly limited in their application and long-term impact and at worst, quickly become redundant. The missing piece involves taking an evolutionary approach that synthesises whole-person coaching with developmental psychology and organisational value systems.


As leaders face increasingly dynamic and ambiguous contexts they are confronted by challenges that are often undefined and unpredictable. In this reality, prescriptive tools and techniques are often inadequate quick-fixes and even create more problems than they solve. This is because prescriptive methods do not address the development of the requisite capacities such as:


  • Imagination and exploration which enable the discovery of crucial unknowns in the midst of uncertainty.

  • Experimentation which enables a shift from the prevailing but ineffectual thought-paradigms to more robust sense-making abilities.

  • Wise, adaptive and coherent action which results from the integration of our cognitive, emotional-social and somatic intelligences.


Simply learning new skills and techniques rarely results in the development of such capacities which, when they emerge, bring with them more nuanced views of the playing field and novel ways of playing, and possibilities for reinventing the game.

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