If you don't know the trees, you may be lost in
the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you
may be lost in life.

—Siberian Elder


 What is the story that is wanting to unfold through you?

There comes a time where life pauses and, as you take a moment to look around, you wonder how you got here. The surroundings do not appear like what you had envisioned many, many years earlier, and now something calls you to find another way through the land, along some other path which could feel more like home. The path, meandering through valleys and hidden from clear-view, continues to echo a music which longs for its dancer, calling you to remember who you really are.

Wherever you might be, in whichever story - if you are wanting to re-discover your way, then I warmly invite you to a conversation and an opportunity to explore the territory with a second pair of eyes and a willing ear.


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