Coaching and Consultancy are gateways which we co-create with leaders and teams to dis-cover the missing piece in the puzzle that is the most necessary and vital next step on their journey to becoming the leaders they need to be. Through active experimentation and by developing greater clarity around current challenges coaching enables leaders to break through from stagnation and emerge into another level of leadership, resilience and possibility.

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Partnering with Leaders, we help identify and bring dormant capacities online in order to support them in their leadership crucibles. Often we start with the leader developing a greater depth of awareness around a pressing challenge and of themselves in that challenge before developing the skilful means to embody and master a new way of leading.

Emergence by Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Exploring the Challenge and the Possibilities offers leaders a better position to discover and decide what will help them make the right impact. This may include experimenting with new ways of engaging people, new ways of thinking and taking action – it will always involve making a commitment to an action and development plan that will help them move closer to creating the desired outcomes.

The Coach-Leader Relationship is built on openness, honesty and commitment. As coach, I am committed to the potential of the leader’s and their organisations. I offer a mix of support and challenge that is optimal, objective and always aligned to the leaders' development and their organisations interests.

A typical coaching engagement involves...

  • Coaching outcomes and objectives

  • Measures of change & achievement

  • Leaders’ commitment to change

  • On-going support & commitment of sponsor

  • Continuous feedback to/from the coach

  • Trusted coach-leader partnership

  • Practice & experimentation

  • Clear boundaries & confidentiality

... and four phases

1 Designing and Setting the Foundation. A 1-to-1 meeting with the leader and coach to understand the challenge, the situation and the leaders’ values, goals and motivations. This is followed by a tri-party meeting between coach, leader and the sponsor to agree roles, responsibilities, boundaries and the working relationship.

3 Coaching & Practice. Regular 1-to-1 coaching to support the leaders’ progress and development with their objectives. This is bolstered by practices and practical experiments in-between sessions. Includes on-going reviews of progress.

2 Assessment & Awareness. New insights and data about the leader and their way of leading; Knowledge of how others see them and how the leaders’ development fits into the organisational context and its needs; An understanding of the key leverage points to inform the most optimal path for the leaders’ development.

4 Final Review & Conclusion. A one-to-one review with leader and the feedback from chosen stakeholders is followed by a tri-party meeting with the sponsor, coach and leader to assess the overall impact of coaching and progress in relation to development objectives. A final report will inform the discussion between coach, leader and sponsor on outcomes and suggestions for the next phase of the leaders’ development.

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