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Individuation Dialectic


“A particular impact of the coaching was challenging negative beliefs. I found this exercise short and to the point. At first I thought it almost a bit too good to be true because shifting a long standing negative belief in 1 hour seemed a little over ambitious at first, but I actually found it very effective and it taught me a method that I have since used in my daily life to re-evaluate negative beliefs.”

P.K, Creative Director, London UK.

"I want to tell you that your work with me has actually grown the first inklings of a new mindset!“

H.M, Marketing Executive, Los Angeles USA.

“Working with Baljit was brilliant. I was able to tap into my subconscious and see some patterns in life and some past experiences under a new light. Baljit makes you relax and open up through a simple conversation and then suddenly you find yourself in a different state of consciousness where clarity emerges… it made me wiser and stronger! Amazing really. Pretty effective I have to say.”

L.S, Health & Wellbeing Practitioner, Koh Samui Thailand.

“Before our work together I was caught in a loop of unhelpful patterns of behaviours. At the time I didn't recognise that it was my way of seeing particular situations which was responsible for the negative thoughts and feelings and a low self-esteem. I had little awareness of how my perception was actually creating problems for me. After the four sessions I've noticed that I feel more accepting of and comfortable in expressing what I need and want. My inner narrative isn't negative anymore and I've even been feeling optimistic amidst some very difficult challenges. I am actually surprised by the greater sense of aliveness I feel now. There's a natural patience and a sense of ease. I don’t worry about how people might react to me or my ideas. I feel like I'm able to take more risks without being afraid of rejection or feeling like l have to be nice or that I have to people please.

I am more assertive and in touch with my truth and authenticity. This has been a unique opportunity to explore my challenges and disentangle myself from them. It was a precious excavation in which I felt your caring, understanding and empathic presence. I wholeheartedly recommend this method and Baljit.”

T.K, Public Relations Executive, London UK.